Propagation Early and Late

Propagation Early and Late

Well, propagation hasn’t opened up as much as I would like. Since it is so slow we have to learn to live with it and work around it. I still enjoy talking on the radio no matter what the circumstances.

I guess I should not want to work so many stations because I have got a ton of QSL cards that I need to answer not. I know some of them are aggravated with me but I assure them that I will get around to it. I many have to get out and make me a round to it today.

I have been working a few especially if I get out early in the morning (about 4 AM) and in the evening around sunset. After it gets dark the lower bands work better. It is amazing how quiet the bands are here from about 3 AM to 5 AM and then they become alive. It is just a matter of knowing when to get on there. I guess people’s needing some sleep thins out the QRM quite a bit. I know that there is still propagation then cause when there is a contest they will be hopping at that time of morning.

I have found that since I have an electronic log I can look back and a good many of the DX stations I find I have worked before. It is still fun to work them again. I have worked Japan, Hawaii, and Australia as well as several European stations on 80 meters this week. So don’t despair, they can be worked.


About tladotse

I am a retired Electronics Engineer who specialized in circuit design, antenna design, reliability and maintainability. I am an amateur radio operator and also have hobbies of fishing and photography. Getting kinda old but still get around pretty well.
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