Propagation Must be Experiencing Dog Days

For a while everything was going hunky Dory with me and ham radio. I was able to work four new entities for my the DXCC within a couple weeks of each other (Lord Howe Island, South Sudan, Benin, and Hong Kong). It has certainly slacked off now but I think things go in cycles of course don’t have the sunspot cycles. However, have a hard time predicting propagation because some days when I think is going to be really good and I have my hopes up there’s just nothing there and then other days when I’m not expecting anything I get a pleasant surprise. I think working DX is a little bit like fishing or maybe a lot like fishing. The uncertainty of it is what makes it a whole lot of fun, in fact, a whale of a lot of fun.

Well working DX is kind of relative, and that you can enjoy it at whatever level you do it. Me for instance, I only run 100 W and I have an inverted the antenna for whichever band I’m using. I believe in resonant antennas. But there’s certain things which I seem to have a limitation doing. My worst problem is that I’m unable to work anything west of Korea and east of the Middle East including much of the Middle East. I can work those countries along the Persian Gulf on the western side of further east than that I have a problem, for example Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and also China included. Maybe it just means the more means to work this part of the world but there ought to be a way to do it with what I have. If anyone has any ideas please let me know because I could use all the information I can get. I have quite a bit of experience with working DX but I know there’s some tricks of the trade which I don’t know. Would love to hear from you if you can give me any pointers. 73 — kenn


About tladotse

I am a retired Electronics Engineer who specialized in circuit design, antenna design, reliability and maintainability. I am an amateur radio operator and also have hobbies of fishing and photography. Getting kinda old but still get around pretty well.
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