Income Tax Returns- The Scourge of Mankind

I am still working on my income tax return for the year 2012 and the problem this year seems to be difficulty of getting the information for the return. Our druggist quit this year and turned the records over to someone else and they seemingly lost my records. I always promise myself that I will keep better records for the coming year but I know that I won’t. When its over and mailed I will be so tired of income tax that I will not look at it for another year if the Lord spares me to live that long. But I always marvel at the Government’s stupidity. Listen to any add on the radio or TV and pick out the most banal, and sure enough it will be something sponsored by the Government. They go overboard, exaggerate and always a condescending manner. When I was in the Army I first noticed and then I noticed it in the propaganda of communist countries and now I easily spot it in our government’s propaganda. But I said that to say that the instructions for income tax form completion are a travesty. They help you too much and that makes the instructions exceedingly complicated. For instance, if I were writing instructions to go to Enterprise I would only say the essential information about where the turns are and the road names or numbers. But if I wrote it like IRS instructions I would say go to get car keys, open the drawer, unless car keys are not in the drawer, then find the information of where they are and go to that place. If it is another drawer open it…..etc. ad nauseum. They do not give a person credit for any common sense. Well, I think we ought to have someone with a modicum of common sense writing the regulations or better still a complete overhaul of the income tax system. I don’t mean like the last feeble effort called simplification that ended up increasing the average wage earner’s tax. Wow! The Government can increase our taxes and call it a simplification and we buy it. Maybe we are so obtuse that we buy such bull feces as that. I guess I should be thankful that I have lived long enough to see such crap come around again and again until it was enough time to recognize it and even predict sometimes what is coming next.


About tladotse

I am a retired Electronics Engineer who specialized in circuit design, antenna design, reliability and maintainability. I am an amateur radio operator and also have hobbies of fishing and photography. Getting kinda old but still get around pretty well.
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