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The Solar Activity Is Taking Its Toll on Propagation

this whole week the rate ham radios not been good in the morning. Even on our local nets (by local nets I mean those that cover the United States and station near where I am as opposed to DX.) Signals … Continue reading

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Good Two Meter Opening Yesterday

We had an excellent opening on two meters yesterday. I woke up in the middle of the night as I do lots of times and came in here to check out the vhf propagation report and saw lots of red … Continue reading

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My First Transmitter 6AG7 driving an 807

I started talking about building my first rig in the last post and said that my Elmer, Carl Wilson (W4IUD) helped me build my first transmitter, which was a 6ag7 tube driving an 807 tube, and it probably did good … Continue reading

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Old Times in Hamming and Elmers

The band was quite get this morning but I do not work many people because it didn’t have too long to stay on the air. Ten meters was really hopping and many signals were on the air. I was reminiscing … Continue reading

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Trying the New Digital Modes

2011-12-01-This is a frosty Thursday morning, and it feels rather invigorating. As I was going out to the ham shack, I saw the frost that almost looked like a snowfall. Propagation was about average today. There were a few Japanese … Continue reading

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Chasing DX is Just Like Hunting Deer

2011 November 14 – Hello to my ham radio blog this morning. Most every morning I go out to the ham shack rig just as the gray line is coming up and see whom I can find on the bands. … Continue reading

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An Excellent Hobby

Amateur Radio or (Ham Radio) is certainly a many faceted hobby which is extremely fascinating to me after almost 52 years. I think I first developed an interest in it while hearing my Dad’s little battery-powered Philco radio set. It … Continue reading

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